PhD Fellows

Christina Basedow, MSc

Christina Basedow, MSc

I am in the third year of my PhD at Jacobs University Bremen and I am a Research Fellow with the EU Project EMOTE. Throughout the process of writing my Thesis and my work on the EMOTE Project, my research interests have become more clear and concrete. The focus of my Thesis and most of my publications, is comparing the similarities and differences in interactive processes between humans and artificial entities. Specifically, what do our emotional responses look like towards different forms of technology, in particular artificial entities, and how are these responses linked to the process of empathy. In addition, how can we use what we learn about our responses to artificial entities to better understand human interaction, emotion, and empathic responding.

Prior to starting at Jacobs University I worked as a Clinical Counselor in a variety of therapeutic settings and have expertise in the fields of Counseling and Clinical Psychology.

Pasquale Dente, MSc

My interests are in non-verbal expression of emotions, with a focus on facial behaviors and synthetic sounds, as well as in applying, developing, and teaching computational and statistical methods (both theories and techniques) for behavioral, and social sciences.
At the time of my MSc (in “Applied Cognitive Psychology”, 2011, magna cum laude, University of Bologna) I conducted experimental studies in a psychiatric context combining cognitive, emotional, and psycho-physiological theories and techniques. I am an experienced R programmer, and a Python and Bash hacker.